Subtitles for Danny Phantom

Danny Phantom is an American animated television series created by Butch Hartman for Nickelodeon, produced by Billionfold Studios. It was distributed by Nelvana, a Canadian animation company, as was The Fairly OddParents. The show is about a 14-year-old named Danny Fenton who, after an accident with an unpredictable portal between the human world and the supernatural "Ghost Zone", becomes half-ghost and frequently saves his town and the world from ghost attacks, while attempting to keep his ghost half a secret from everyone, except his best friends Tucker Foley and Samantha Manson. The series premiered on April 3, 2004 and ended on August 24, 2007; it ran for 3 seasons with a total of 53 episodes. It is currently being released on DVD. On August 5, 2013, Hartman announced the possible revival of the show as a result of persisted praise from fans and successful T.U.F.F. Puppy ratings on his Twitter account, but there has been not yet been any official word from Hartman or Nickelodeon.

Release: 2004-04-03

TMDB: 6.8

Time: 22 minutes

Genres: Action & Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

List subtitles for Danny Phantom

Language Release Updated Size Comment
English 01 Mystery Meat_English CC 29KB
English 02 Parental Bonding_English CC 31KB
English 03 One of a Kind_English CC 38KB
English 04 Attack of the Killer Garage_English CC 35KB
English 05 Splitting Images_English CC 32KB
English 11 Fanning the Flames_English CC 34KB
English 10 Shades of Gray_English CC 30KB
English 06 What You Want_English CC 31KB
English 09 My Brother's Keeper_English CC 33KB
English 07 Bitter Reunions_English CC 36KB
English 08 Prisoners of Love_English CC 35KB
English 17 Lucky In Love_English CC 30KB
English 12 Teacher of the Year_English CC 32KB
English 15 Fright Knight_English CC 28KB
English 20 Control Freaks_English CC 29KB
English 13 _13__English CC 29KB
English 19 Million Dollar Ghost_English CC 31KB
English 14 Public Enemies_English CC 32KB
English 16 Maternal Instincts_English CC 31KB
English 18 Life Lessons_English CC 31KB
English 14 Memory Blank_English CC 33KB
English 02 Infinite Realms_English CC 32KB
English 12 Phantom Planet_English CC 60KB
English 02 Doctor's Disorders_English CC 30KB
English 01 Eye for an Eye_English CC 36KB
English 01 Double Episode_ Reign Storm_English CC 56KB
English 05 Pirate Radio_English CC 29KB
English 16 Double Episode_ Reality Trip_English CC 48KB
English 03 Identity Crisis_English CC 28KB
English 03 Girls' Night Out_English CC 34KB
English 10 King Tuck_English CC 25KB
English 17 Double Episode_ Ultimate Enemy_English CC 53KB
English 11 Double Cross My Heart_English CC 31KB
English 13 Secret Weapons_English CC 32KB
English 12 Kindred Spirits_English CC 27KB
English 08 Masters of All Time_English CC 27KB
English 09 Frightmare_English CC 33KB
English 15 Flirting With Disaster_English CC 27KB
English 04 The Fenton Menace_English CC 30KB
English 07 Micro-Management_English CC 28KB
English 09 Beauty Marked_English CC 31KB
English 05 Forever Phantom_English CC 32KB
English 10 Claw of the Wild_English CC 33KB
English 04 Torrent of Terror_English CC 32KB
English 06 Urban Jungle_English CC 27KB
English 11 D-Stabilized_English CC 35KB
English 06 The Fright Before Christmas_English CC 35KB
English 08 Boxed Up Fury_English CC 34KB
English 07 Livin' Large_English CC 37KB